Strawcutter Law helps those in bankruptcy and debt with our debt relief services in Orlando, FL. That is a big part of what we do. Why? Because lenders make it so easy to extend you credit knowing that once they “have you” it is almost impossible to get out. You will be paying high interest on large amounts for decades. That is part of their business model. So what do you do? Contact our trusted attorney to learn more.

If you are considering debt settlement as a way to rid yourself of unwanted debt, you have at least two options: you can hire someone to do it or you can try to do it yourself.

Doing it yourself is almost always a bad idea. The old axiom: “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” applies to those who attempt to negotiate their own debt. Do you drill your own teeth? Do you cut your own hair? Of course not. You hire a professional because the result matters to you. It is the same with debt settlement. Even worse, your bank and credit card company have spent thousands of hours identifying the best methods to extract more money from you than you want to give them. Lack of knowledge in a negotiation is a very bad thing: people that try to do it themselves don’t know what they don’t know. Because all creditors are not the same (some will accept less than others and some will demand far more than people read about on the internet), a DIY debt settler will often accept offers that could have been far better and reject offers that will not get any better, often leading to litigation.

  1. If you have a judgment filed against you we can help.                                                              
  2. If you want to settle your bad debt we can help.
  3. If you are facing a garnishment we can help.
  4. If you personally guaranteed a debt we can help.
  5. If you are running out of time on student loans we can help.
  6. If you need released from your Timeshare obligation we can help.